Concrete where steel such as Rebar or mesh is fixed in a way where the two materials act together to resist forces the steel absorbs the compressive stresses in a concrete structure 

Reinforcement is essential for maintaining the strength and durability of any concrete structure. You cannot do without it! 


G & F Formwork will take on anything from slabs to staircases, swimming pools, to water treatment tanks, the list is endless and there is not much we haven’t worked on in the past. Our company can provide the highest quality of seen Formwork and buried foundations to create and maintain strong structures whatever their shape or size. 

We use both traditional timber shutters and formwork systems, depending on what is required for the job. All carried out to the highest standard and with maximum attention to detail. 



G&F Formwork Ltd can supply fully qualified and experienced labour to work on a tonnage or day work rate, ensuring your structure is durable, stable, non-combustible and rigid in structure to withstand any amount of pressure enforced upon it. 

Our steel fixing team can lay and fix mesh, or lay reinforced bar in order to maintain the structure of a building and ALL can follow engineer drawings to make sure the job is carried out as correctly.


At G&F Formwork Ltd we don’t mind getting our hands dirty and if that means working welly deep putting in the Foundations to your basement or to reinforce your sewage tank, then consider it done!

We have recent experience of numerous similar projects along with the necessary expertise to carry out the job successfully and safely. We can do the job ‘in-situ,’ which reduces both disturbance and cost. Furthermore concrete is non-flammable and can provide excellent sound insulation or waterproofing too.



Retaining walls are easy to construct in-situ and we can engineer a variety of different walls, including small bund walls, to high land retaining walls, flood defences and even bridges!



We have a great group of lads, with a proven track record in installing quality industrial flooring for your business premises to the highest standard. We specialise in two types of industrial flooring:

Power Floated Floors 

These are ideal for places where heavy machinery and vehicles would be in constant use, for example warehouses or factories, due to its toughness and shockproof properties. They are aesthetically pleasing too, with a nice shiny finish and are easy to clean and maintain. 

Brush Finished Slabs 

These floors are ideal for outdoors, due to their ability to withstand heavy vehicles and large amounts of footfall. Their properties include excellent drainage and they are non-slip too, making them safe, hard-wearing and long lasting. 


Whether you require traditional formwork, or the more modern pecafil foundation system, we can provide either to your building, ensuring they provide a solid base for many years to come.

Pecafil Foundation System ( Under Foundations services ) 

This system is the preferred choice of builders and has been around for the past 35 years. It has many distinct advantages over traditional steel and timber formwork in your foundations, including:

-          Fast and easy to install

-          A wide range of panels available

-          Environmentally friendly

-          Provides a clean base to pour the concrete

-          Light to carry


Our fully qualified team are experts in this modern approach to foundation formwork and can install it with ease